The Women's Spirituality Forum is a 501(c)3 federally recognized non-profit that has been enriching the spiritual lives of women globally for over 40 years. We offer in-person and online workshops, a quarterly newsletter, and host a biannual retreat for women to share community and a deeper spiritual experience. 

From 2008-2011, the Women's Spirituality Forum published Goddess e-zine. Goddess Magazine archives can be accessed here.

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Ma describes a pause in time, creating emptiness in space from which life emerges. The kanji symbol for Ma combines door 門 and sun 日. Together they depict a door through the crevice of which the sunlight peeps in 間. This door opens to Light, which enables growth, sparks creativity, and permits freedom. This is so apropos for the Solstice ~ “Sun Standing Still” On June 20th, the sun moves into Cancer’s domain of the zodiac, opening the door to Summer.

ECSPHOTO.jpgThe Elizabeth Cady Stanton Coven is an international coven for members of the Women's Spirituality Forum. Membership in the WSF allows for membership in the Coven.

Coven members enjoy early registration access for events hosted by the Women's Spirituality Forum, including the biannual Goddess Festival, as well as invitations to in-person and virtual events at different times durting the year, as well as our own online Coven space where Sisters can share w oman-positive space and celebrate the Goddess together.

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