Ostara2021.jpgIt’s the first day of Spring, have ya heard the news?

It’s time to step out of our winter shoes, those old winter blues.

Let our senses groove with new scents and hues.


Hearing songbirds singing, we might feel our hips swinging -

Feel our spirits rise, seein’ clear blue skies.

Let’s take some nice deep breaths, not those tired sighs.


We invite rebirth.  Let our feet touch earth.

Reset our clocks, slip off our socks.

Rewrite Soul contracts on the Equinox.


Establish our balance. Honor our talents.

Take a chance. Wake up from our trance.

Spring is the season to revive life’s dance.


 The Zodiac’s ‘growing season’ begins again as the

Sun moved into Aries while we slept, at 2:37 am PST.


This fiery spark of Aries transmutes the Piscean energy of late winter,

Like the first conscious thought rising and emerging from a dream state.

This year, ‘time to wake up’ brings layers of new meaning.


Mother Nature asks us to pay attention when each new season begins with the solstices and equinoxes.

There is such fine medicine all around us – like trees budding, flowers blooming and bees humming.The natural world continues to flourish where it can, despite our human interference.


Gaia supports us through times when it feels like some difficulty or pain will last forever.

She heals us as She carries us with Her, revolving and evolving with the wheel of the year.

Spring’s energetic shift invites us to consciously participate with the gifts and themes of each season.


Aries fire gathers our consciousness home to our center, after a long swim in the cosmic sea.

Becoming self-centered and grounded can be healthy after a period of feeling lost.

It is from a strong center that we experience spiritual balance and interconnectivity with the web of life.


 Spring Meditation


Our personal boundaries are naturally fluid, in the most spiritual and energetic sense.

We are never fully separate from others.

Our brains develop in accord with all of our first experience of relationships.

Yet as adults we are able to choose the nature of information we carry within our Sense of Self.

These choices ultimately shape our physical health and emotional well being.


Whether prior to, or during the birth process, any time in our early childhood, or even yesterday,

Any time we let our mind separate from our body, and we disassociate -

We become more vulnerable to external influences that can interfere with the coherence of our personality.

This diminishes our sovereignty.  Here’s a practice to help restore some self/other clarity.

(I have recorded this meditation as ClearSelf mp3.  Scroll down to find the attachment if you'd like to hear it!)


Find a sanctuary where peace abides, a place where you can relax and settle inward.

Bring your interest to what’s going on inside your body, moment to moment.

Begin with a gentle breath in and then

Take your time to exhale fully, releasing any tensions and pressures you’ve been carrying around.

Feel yourself fully opening with each new breath that flows in.

Keep your sensory awareness inside your skin for now, guiding awareness home to your self.


Let the energy in your head relax, and flow downwards, sharing it with your entire body.

Feel how each breath moves your heart as it rises and falls within your chest.

Sense gravity helping you, like subtle energetic waves of Love guiding your feeling state, down to earth.


Open your awareness out from your heart center, through your shoulders,

Down your arms, out to your hands, relaxing your whole upper body. 

Establish a felt connection between your heart and belly,

Expand awareness out to your hips, sitz bones, down through your legs to your feet.

Feel your nervous system calming down.  By sensing and relaxing, you are honoring your precious aliveness.  

Breathe with awareness, softening and opening to your essence.

Keep coming home to your body, here… now.


There is an energetic pathway that runs from the crown of your head down to your perineum.

Guide your awareness here.

Imagine this path as a fine, laser-thin beam of Light that defines the midline of your body.

This is the central channel from which your whole body once formed its symmetrical expression.

Take time to sense and refine the continuity of this pathway of connection.

Look for any breaks or gaps: places that are harder to feel, and any

Small areas within your center that are not well known or have been habitually forgotten.

Let your sensory awareness help you to establish this central axis of your core.

Feel how this vertical pathway orients you between the living Sky, and living Earth.

Here you can feel the ‘world tree’ of your embodied self.


If you can, offer some unconditional tenderness to this ‘sapling’ of Light.

Your own life force is the source of its power and vitality.

Once your sense of this channel is clear and continuous,

Begin to slowly expand it, imagining this column of light opening horizontally in all directions.

Guide the 360° expansion as evenly as you can.

You are clearing space, and making room for your sacred self within your illuminated center.


As this beam of light widens, reclaim your interior for your sovereignty.

Imagine that your expanding core is consciously moving all energies that do not belong to you

Out beyond your skin - to the front, to the back, and to both sides.

The information carried by energy that is entangled with another person’s, you are sending back

Out into the field around you to be recycled, or returned to from whence it came.


Invite your heart and soul to be your guide.

Feel your deep intention to richly saturate and befriend your many layers of embodied consciousness.


If you come up against a barrier, rest for a while and feel into what you find there.

Is it someone else’s voice remembered, a wound not yet healed, a cultural taboo…?

If you can, release anything that has outlived its time or purpose.  Let it dissipate right out of you.

Let it go from your body, your thoughts, your rhythms, your wisdom, and your consciousness.


Once this central column of light has expanded out beyond your body’s perimeter,

Let it keep growing to least 3 feet beyond your skin.

Stay with your intention to clear out everything that is not congruent with your essential nature.

Keep moving it out well beyond your biofield, your personal space.


See your energy body as a wise and loving caretaker that brings coherence to your trillions of cells.

Imagine the space around you as a luminous egg formed by your own subtle energy patterns.

This energy flows all around you and carries information that’s in accord with your life experiences and beliefs.

Feeling at home within this spaciousness strengthens your sense of wholeness.  

Learn to allow every aspect of yourself to feel welcome here in your spirit’s abode. 

Your wisest choices are made when you feel full agreement between the many layers of your Self.


Strengthen your sovereignty by fully saturating this domain with your vibrant presence.

Bring your full sensory awareness and curiosity to the fresh spaciousness newly dedicated to your feeling of Self.

Tune in to your heart and surrounding organs.  Feel the power in your belly and the light in your eyes.

Let a feeling of your own life move beyond your shoulders and hips, down into your arms and legs.

Broaden your awareness to include sensations from the sides and back of your body.

Imagine the way a tree can face all directions within a forest deeply sensing its own roots and crown.


Be tender with yourself, opening to self acceptance and self Love.

Be curious and unafraid of all the sensations that arise.

Remember that you are the artist of your life and can influence the states you move through, moment to moment.

Keep choosing physical postures that allow for energetic and emotional flow.


Set your intentions for this new season, and all that you wish to renew within your Self.


Blessed Inter-Being with You!


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